The Better Farms Program journey begins right here in Australia, with Bega Group’s Australian dairy farmers who have milk supply agreements with Bega Cheese Limited or Tatura Milk Industries Pty Ltd, BDD Australia Pty Ltd and Dairy Farmers Milk Cooperative. These farmers wake up early each and every morning to milk their cows to source only the freshest milk and cream.

Our vision is to help move Australian farming forward. The Better Farms Program translates this vision into a reality. A purpose-led initiative, the Better Farms Program provides our Australian dairy farmers, who have milk supply agreements with us, with access to financial grants for Development and Training, Support Services or Capital Projects. The Better Farms Program distributes up to $1.1 million per financial year.

The Better Farms Program focuses on 3 key areas:

Development & training

Enables farmers to undertake approved accredited training, conferences, development workshops or other specific training initiatives, that will help improve their industry or commercial knowledge, to run their farm.  We actively encourage our dairy farmers to participate in ongoing development & training, to continue to advance their knowledge & skills within the farming industry.

Services support

Allows farmers to seek professional assistance across a broad range of areas including, but not limited to, mental health & wellbeing, financial guidance & agricultural consulting.  Running a dairy farm is a huge & complex responsibility, so it is crucial that our farmers have access to appropriate external specialist service providers who can better support them.

Capital projects

Assists farmers with physical infrastructure developments on their farm that improves the efficiency, effectiveness or sustainability of their farm. This includes a wide variety of projects spanning from water irrigation improvements, right through to fencing improvements & calf shed upgrades.